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Optimizing the efficiency and resiliency, of your workplace, whether in a commercial or governmental environment, is an investment in a successful future. At Kensington Consulting, we provide cost-effective, practical solutions that strengthen your business and position it for long-term prosperity. Using contemporary analytical tools, we begin by providing an objective assessment of your organization's process efficiency, technical infrastructure and regulatory compliance status. Using the assessment data, we help you implement best practices throughout your operational practices, improving profitability, compliance, and sustainability. We help you identify and mitigate vulnerabilities and establish alternatives that can help you navigate through difficult situations. And if your systems need an upgrade, we offer practical change management support including strategy, design and implementation tools that raise your processes to best-in-class.

Program Evaluation

"What gets measured gets managed." The need is clear, but the process may be easier said than done. We have helped enterprises identify and collect elusive program metrics through auditing and evaluating programs validated against international consensus standards. Kensington Consulting will work with you to define the particular issues that concern your organization. We will develop the specific measures that will inform your program development and maintenance processes for operational efficiency, regulatory code compliance, workplace health and safety and emergency response planning.

Expertise in Regulatory Compliance

Federal, state and regional regulatory requirements are increasing steadily in both number and complexity. Knowing what regulations apply and how to comply with these requirements is a major concern for your business. Building and managing a safe workplace, protecting the environment and complying with a maze of regulations can seem overwhelming. With detailed, up-to-date understanding of codes and regulations, Kensington Consulting provides the regulatory compliance expertise to develop a robust regulatory understanding and implementation plan.

Hazard Evaluation

Analyzing the vulnerability of your organization is the first step in creating and implementing successful regulatory compliance, emergency response, and workplace safety programs. With years of experience providing risk management support to large and mid-sized companies, Kensington Consulting has the expertise to help you clearly assess your organization's strengths and weaknesses. We provide clients with targeted impact analyses that evaluate organizational exposure to natural, technological and human caused events. Our loss prevention services also include process analyses such as hazard and operability (HAZOP) studies security and vulnerability assessments (SVA), site security plan (SSP) creation and valuable post-incident investigations that lead to causal factor identification.

Workplace Health and Safety

Kensington Consulting helps you develop effective, user-friendly safety procedures that will enable both your staff and your business to reach their greatest potential. An alert, well-trained staff is the organization's best resource in preventing injury and loss, and a specialized employee training program can make this a reality. We can help you identify engineering and technical safety issues, and integrate safety and compliance elements into your training and management processes.

Emergency Response and Targeted Exercises

The professionals at Kensington Consulting have helped clients weather emergencies from earthquake to fire to product quality issues. We have written and implemented emergency response plans involving all levels of company hierarchy in private and public organizations. In addition, our custom designed, reality-based exercises provide essential practice as well as detailed information on where further improvement can be made. We will work with you to create emergency response exercises that address the specific planning, training, and equipment needs of your organization.

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